Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Brennan's Comments

My dad’s dream job was to play for the Steelers. He hated country music. My dad really likes cats. My dad loves to camp and hike and fish and the outdoors. His favorite basketball team was the Celtics. His favorite baseball team is the Cincinnati Reds. My dad is really good with little kids. My dad got his first cat when he was five. He had a really cool atomic watch that told the exact time and ran on solar power. He coached our flag football team. He drank a lot of water. We was really smart. He hated emptying the dishwasher. My dad was a terrible dancer. My dad really likes animals. My dad is a very honest kind person who taught me a lot of things and I love him.

Donovan's Reflections

Scott was very ethical, he loved animals, liked to watch sports, his favorite NFL tram was the Steelers, his favorite college football team was WVU, his favorite NBA team was the Boston Celtics, his favorite MLB team was the Red Sox. He knew what referees he liked. He was good at spending money. He had a masters degree. He worked at Raytheon as a systems engineer. He was good at BBQing, but at the same time he was a terrible cook. Some of his favorite movies were Gladiator, Brave Heart, Star Wars, It’s a Wonderful Life, Ground Hog Day, and October Sky. He hated bad drivers, bad parkers, people who wore their hats backwards and/or pants so low that you could see their underwear, and when someone called on the phone during the NFL draft. One of the best things he ever taught me was to work hard at every thing because there will be a lot of other people and you need to be the one who stands out.

Aidan's Thoughts

My DaD is the nicest dad in the world and i love Him and he loves me and we were a happy family. And… did I mention that he is a Lord? Well, he is and I love my Lord Scott, that’s his name Scott. I love him more than anything else. My name is Aidan and that’s all good-bye. Oh I forgot, his favorite team is the Steelers and he is loving and compassionate and caring person and I love him more than anything and that’s it – good-bye.

Faith's Musings

He was really loud when he watched sports. He used the computer a lot. He had a good sense of humor. He liked to tickle us. He liked cats. He was planting grass. His mom died. He loved my mom.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Scott W. Kennedy 9 July 1965 - 7 May 2008

9 JULY 1965- 7 MAY 2008

A tragedy occurred in our family last week: Scott Kennedy, along with his wife, Marylou, three sons, Brennan, Donovan, and Aidan and his daughter, Faith were traveling to a family vacation in San Diego when Scott Kennedy was killed in a horrific roll-over accident. Contrary to an erroneous news report ALL of the family had on seatbelts. Scott died from massive trauma to his head, his wife and children escaped with only minor lacerations. To his family this blow has been a devastating one. He was a wonderful husband and father and we loved him very much. Scott was proud of the work accomplished at Raytheon. He enjoyed his job and his life was enriched by those he came into contact with. Scott was involved with his sons in the Boy Scouts; he coached Flag Football for the YMCA and attended his daughter’s ballet and piano recitals.

Scott requested that should anything happen to him that there be no funeral or memorial services. So, his children have been working on a blog about their dad. We would LOVE to hear from anyone who knew Scott. Please leave a comment under a photo, or a thought to let the kids know their dad was known and appreciated. Stories and anecdotes will be treasured. He was so vital to our family and leaves such a void. We are hoping that his humor and good works touched other’s lives as well as our own. http://scottwkennedy.blogspot.com.

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Email can be directed to kennedy.1990@gmail.com